Sunday, October 13, 2013


Lately I've been learning to walk again. Then today, just over a month after my ACL construction, I went on a 2 mile hike! Don't tell my physical therapist....I was suppose to wait another 7 months, but I had to take advantage of Autumn in Colorado. And my next surgery is Friday, so I had to squeeze in some sunshine while I could.

Other than focusing on my knee recovery, I have been enjoying being back at my beloved job, and last weekend my college roommates came to see me. It had been almost a year since we were together, so the weekend was much-needed! 

The weather here in Colorado has been changing quickly. We got a decent snowfall a couple weeks ago, but since then we have been experiencing near perfect temperatures and gorgeous changing leaves. I do miss Texas, but Colorado is making me feel more and more at home.


Thursday, August 29, 2013

If I'm being honest here, I've always been an old soul. Like, a really old soul. I was never as wild and crazy as most of my friends, which isn't to say I haven't had my share of fun; I just have always felt older than my age. My idea of fun is just often a very low-key. So it might surprise you to know that since I graduated college two years ago, I have gotten even more boring. Here are a few things being a responsible adult has taught me to appreciate.

Tax Breaks 
 Now that I've so maturely gotten a grasp on how those pesky tax things work, I can fully take advantage of all those tax breaks you hear people talk about. I'm the girl with a notebook in her car keeping track of her work mileage. And I have a binder with sorted receipts and slips of tax-deductible donations I've given over the past three years. So what.

Comfortable shoes 
 I'm as big of a shoe collector as any girl you know, but if I haven't learned the value of comfortable shoes on a long day, then I haven't learned anything.

I use to regard all coupons as junk mail. Now, while I am very far from an extreme couponer, I do snip (and maybe plan weekends around) a slip that entitles me to 40% off at The Gap.

Free Parking 
 Because spending $10 on parking to eat downtown makes me cringe. And walking the few extra blocks is good for you. And I've invested in comfortable shoes. 

Expensive alcohol 
 What I save in parking, I spend on top shelf alcohol, because I drank enough Franzia and Kamchatka in college to last a lifetime. And because I value a good cocktail.

Staying in 
 Long work weeks mean Saturday nights are for sippin' a Sex on the Beach in yoga pants and binging on Bob's Burgers on Netflix. I spent all my money on pricey booze anyway. 

What has adulthood forced you to value?


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I'm Back!

Over the last couple months, I have been really torn as to whether I would keep this blog alive or just delete the whole thing. I think I went into blogging with expectations that weren't very practical (mostly that I would be super inspired to write everyday and that I would be flush with content ideas). My interest in it comes and goes, but lately I've been so busy and life has been so different, that I just haven't put any time into it. BUT! I have been brainstorming a lot lately and am really, really hoping (fingers crossed!) that my motivation stays this time, at least for a little while. 

So today I sat down and decided to give it another go. I've got some other posts lined up, and I am having such a good time going through and reading all the old blogs I use to love and read daily. Catching up with you all is fun! Since I've been gone for such a long time, here is what I've been up to.
We have been LOVING Denver and getting to know our new home. Last month we had a bunch of my family from Texas and Indiana come visit us at the same time, and it was my absolute favorite part of the summer. Being in Denver without knowing anyone can be exciting, but it was so good to have these sweeties around for the week.
I started a job as a behavior therapist for kiddos with autism, and I absolutely LOVE it. It is the most fun and most rewarding job I have ever had. Kerstan is working as a geologist, and in our free time we have had a blast exploring the Rocky Mountains and going on lots of hikes in new places. This is me in Glenwood Canyon, hiking up to Hanging Lake.
Then August came around, and I was so excited because it's my BIRTHDAY MONTH. I like to celebrate all month long, and Kerstan is awesome about obliging. A friend of mine was moving away, and I wanted to celebrate staying young (despite turning 25, God!!), so we decided that we would fly up above the clouds and jump out of that perfectly good airplane you see me in above (^^^). 
Skydiving was as fun, exhilarating, and perfect as I thought it would be, though not as terrifying! It was the most amazing experience, and I wish I could do it a million times (well, most of it). 
Free falling at 140mph 
Feeling good about the parachute working properly
So it turns out that the landing part of skydiving is a little tricker than it sounds. Well, most people have no issue, but I clearly did. So if you ever decide to jump out of a plane and the instructor tells you to keep your feet up, please listen to him, and concentrate really hard so you don't end up like me. While soaring toward the ground, I put my feet down instead of landing on my butt, and I caused quite a scene. My feet got caught in the field, but the rest of me (and my instructor) kept moving, resulting in a couple somersaults, a mouth full of dirt, and some pretty awful pain. My instructor was awesome and didn't even make fun of me.
 I took the evening off work and decided to stay home and rest, but within a few hours my knees were swollen and I couldn't walk without my legs collapsing under me. There were tears involved as well, but I assume you assumed that part. So Kerstan got home, took me to the hospital, and I was sent back home with some knee braces and a prescription for a "couple days of taking it easy." By the end of the week I was back walking around, though very carefully, and I assumed I was on the road to a full recovery. Another week went by, and my knees were still giving out randomly and causing me sporadic, but very severe pain. Because my mom made me, I went to see a specialist, who ordered two MRIs ON MY BIRTHDAY. Three days later I'm back in her office learning that my knees will probably never be 100%. The most serious of all the knees issues the images found is that I completely tore both of my ACLs. I've started physical therapy and have my first surgery scheduled for next week. I'll have the second knee repaired about 2 months after that, and I'll probably be in recovery mode for 6-12 months. 
So, I've had quite the pity party for the last few days. Between having to miss out on a job I love, go through the pain of two surgeries and rehab, live with six ugly scars, and give up hiking and skiing for the next year, I have been pretty down. I'm a firm believer in silver linings and finding the good in every situation, but I am kind of struggling with this one. Hopefully I figure it out soon. Luckily Kerstan is such a huge help. Last night he bought and assembled a recumbent bike to help me strengthen my knees before and after surgery. He's such a catch.

Hopefully I'll be around again soon - I'd love to catch up with you all (and if you've been through this ACL repair process, I would especially love to hear from you)!!


Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, y'all! I'm switching up my Things I Love Thursday to starting the weekend off with some pretty images for you. Enjoy!
 This tequila mint limeade looks AMAZING. I have been experimenting with mojito recipes (one of my favorite drinks), and I have completely failed. Maybe I'll move on to this cocktail this week!
This pony is wearing a sweater!!!
 Love this quote! 
This house is so charming and beautiful. I would love to live in one just like it someday! 
Be good (source). 
 This is exactly right! 
 I made jalapeƱo cheddar bread completely from scratch this week. It took several hours but was so worth it. It was delicious! 
 The beautiful tunnels heading into the mountains last weekend. 
 My baby boy looking for some crumbs.
 I love waking up to this sweet, cuddly face every morning. 
 The view from our lunch break on our hike last weekend! 
 We took our clients at work to a Rockies baseball game this week! It was so fun! 
 Kerstan and Hans posing with a moose statue in Winter Park. 
This made me laugh so hard. I was totally Kimberly when I was little! 

Have a great weekend!! What are you loving this week?


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Last night I said goodbye to my old layout (below) and hello to a fresh one! Thanks for my wonderful husband for taking the weird pencil sketch of my ideas and making my blog shiny and new. 
I am hoping this little revamp lights my blogging fire and gets me going again. I have a lot of motivation and a lot of fresh ideas for my site, and I hope to bring them all to life soon! Maybe you could help give me that little push by following me on bloglovin'? And if you want to know more about me, check out my updated about me section!

See you all soon!


Monday, June 10, 2013

Yesterday Kerstan and I drove into the mountains for the first time since moving in two weeks ago. Considering we are an hour's drive from mountainous bliss, I am kind of ashamed that it took us that long to get there. Unfortunately moving in and getting settled (read: obtaining driving licenses/registration, starting our new jobs, decorating our house, and other adult responsibilities) kept us close to home for the first couple weeks. We had been to the mountains here several times on vacations, so our first trip was to our favorite spot, Winter Park. We got to take Hans on his first mountain excursion, which made the whole trip even more fun.

What are your favorite mountain activities? We have stuck to hiking so far but are looking forward to taking our bikes up soon!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Denver is feeling more and more like home everyday. Truth be told, I've felt really comfortable here since we first arrived, but now that I am finding my way around and interacting in my community, I feel much more settled. Getting to this point has been a process, but all our effort is really paying off. I am loving open windows 24/7 (and no a/c!!!), the miles and miles of trails in our neighborhood and surrounding area, and the gorgeous view of the mountains from our town. We are just south of Denver, in Greenwood Village, and we picked it blindly, but it has worked out better than we ever hoped! 
So far Colorado is so different from Texas. While there are definitely things I miss about Texas (hello tacos!), I feel like where we are is such a good fit. I have settled into my job as a behavior therapist for kids with autism, and it is a total dream. Kerstan is loving his job as a geologist, and we are lucky to have enough free time to go on lots of hikes, walk to nearby restaurants and bars, and explore the mountains. Our home itself is a loft in a fairly new neighborhood. It's full of light, and we got a bonus upstairs space because we are on the top floor. We have a long way to go in terms of decorating, though. We have about 15 projects on our to-do list! I'm hoping to create some fun diy projects in the next few months, so stay tuned! Until then, here is our home so far.

Gray couch, arch lamp, dining room table, dining chairs, white vase - West Elm
Blue couch, area rugs - IKEA
White pillows - Target
Ampersand pillow, placemats - Crate & Barrel
Circle bookshelf, coffee table, entertainment center, bed, "Goodnight" sign, nail polish shelves, patio furniture, carnival initials - homemade